The SOLAR-JET project has explored solar-thermochemical redox cycles from 2011 to 2015, within this period the consortium has produced the world's first sample of solar thermochemical kerosene. The project website is now inactive and will not be updated.

Please visit the website of the successor project SUN-to-LIQUID for all important information.

Project Infos

Project name:
Solar chemical reactor demonstration and Optimization for Long-term Availability of Renewable JET fuel(SOLAR-JET)
Project Reference:
Contract Type:
Small or medium-scale focused research project
Start Date:
End Date:
48 months
3.12 million euro
Project Funding:
2.17 million euro
Project Status:
Dr. Andreas Sizmann
Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.
Lyonel-Feininger-Straße 28, D-80807 München
andreas.sizmann at
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News & Events

SOLAR-JET receives 1st aireg Award


Fuel from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide − what sounds like science fiction is actually reality!

For this pioneering work the Bauhaus Luftfahrt project co-ordinator Dr. Andreas Sizmann received, in place of the SOLAR-JET consortium the 1st aireg Award for innovative energy technologies in the aviation sector from the Bavarian minister of state Dr. Markus Soeder. In his speech, Dr. Soeder emphasised:

"I am particularly pleased to present the 1st aireg Award to a Bavarian winner. For the free state, it is important to play a pioneering role not only with the internationally renowned Munich Airport, but also in terms of technological development in the aviation sector. Therefore, since 2000, the free state has invested more than 300 million euros in aerospace research."

Dr. Sizmann said in his acceptance speech:

"As a consortium, we have broken new ground. As a result, solar thermochemical fuel production is a reversal of the reaction of combustion at high temperatures. It uses, in a particularly efficient way, the inexhaustible resources sunlight and CO2. Our goal now is to further optimise the core of the process, the solar reactor, and to foster, with a demonstration plant, the continuous development to commercial maturity."

SOLAR-JET Consortium

Link to AIREG (Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany) full press release. Only available in German.

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